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What I Offer

Psychotherapy offers a safe and confidential space where together we can address your concerns, fears, hopes and desires. In my practice in South London I have worked with actors, artists, teachers, priests, social workers, psychiatrists, barristers, broadcasters, couples.

Unusually, my practice brings together a synergy of over 25 years of psychoanalytic practice (with its focus on the Unconscious, insight, and emotional rapport with the therapist); together with profound Body-Work in Primal Integration Therapy; the ITEC qualification in Massage, Anatomy and Physiology, and my trainings in the emerging Meridian and Energy Techniques, as an advanced practitioner.

Memories are only memories to the conscious mind; to the Unconscious they are current events. Patterns of emotional distress or trauma encode in the body-mind interface of our Energy System. Now evidence-based research shows that tapping on particular points on the face and body produce a kind of reprogramming which can catalyze desired changes. When monitored on MRI scans, distress levels registering in the brain are shown to decrease. Energy Techniques are being successfully used with war survivors and victims of extreme trauma.

Encompassing the body, the mind, the Unconscious and the Energy system, I offer a holistic approach working with the whole person. I offer short-term and open-ended psychotherapy and counselling. I also offer Supervision Meditation and Mindfulness.

As well as looking at problem areas, psychotherapy is useful for personal growth; for re-evaluation of a current situation; to reconsider and remember goals, dreams and desires; for a kind of 'Life Review'. This can lead to a new sense of purpose and meaning.

At the initial consultation we will consider your needs and concerns and arrange a fee dependent on income and circumstances.